Monday December 11 , 2017
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Windows-XP Hand-Held Device

Global fisrt Windows-XP Hand-Held Device
Model No:UHD-1.1/UHD-1.6


  • The first PC-level Hand-Held Device
  • Ergonomic,Compact and Robust
  • Windows-XP/Linux High performance system
  • Most powerful function expansion ability
  • Designed for continuous vibration enviornment
  • High performance CPU and low power consumption
  • Palm size deign of low power consumption PC or Notebook
  1. Easy Data Entry
    UHD510 offers both external keypad and large color touch screen for convenient and efficient data entry. Users can make data entry easily through them in extreme environment

  2. Window XP/XP-E
    Window XP/XP-e gives versatility through familiar interfaces with wide software application support. It shows perfect interoperability with MS Window-based S/W and peripheral equipment .

  3. Various Expansion
    Include PC-base all IO-expansion,such as Internal SD Slot (Secure Digital Slot) , CF Slot (Compact Flash Slot) ,USB 2.0,RS232,Mini-Card that can enable various and convenient expansion to GPS, Camera and 3.5G/GPRS,RFID,SmartCard,fingerprinter sensor, memory and so on.

  4. Removable & Rechargeable Lithium Battery
    UHD510 has removable slim battery with maximum uptime. It gives easiness to carry and change for the other. 
    Besides,The device reserve the high capacity battery(8000mAhr) ,particularly maintain for long time duty opertation
  5. Powerul communication with Local Radio Network and Wild communication
    UHD510 enables real-time date exchange and synchronization with other computing and communication devices (computer, printer, cellular phone) in Local Radio Network.
    UHD510 include:3.5G,WIFI,Bluetooth,that can enable the wide range communication
  6. Powerful & Speedy Processor
    Intel’s brand new Menlow-Z at 1.1GHz and can up to 1.6G is exclusively designed for PC-level hand-held device,that performance more than any current RSIC-base CPU. The UHD510 equipped with Menlow-Z delivers the highest-speed processing in the PC hand-held devices for robust applications 
  7. Superior Date Capture Function
    1D/2D scanner engine in worldwide use deliver long-and short-range variable laser scanning for all popular 1D bar codes, plus the optional imager supports a growing number of 2D symbologies
  8. HSDPA & Wireless LAN
    UHD510 provide voice communication and  high-speed internet connectivity . They guarantee convenient exchange of mass data and diverse wireless data services including video contents.
  9. Ergonomic Design
    Slim and lightweight UHD510 is designed to reduce user fatigue in scan intensive application. It provides users with comfortable grip.
  10. High resolution TFT LCD screen
    A large size semi-transmission 65,000 color TFT LCD makes it possible to enjoy various functions which was not available with previous small screen. And it also offers Touch screen Panel for handy use.
  11. Outstanding Durability
    UHD510 proved unmatched ruggedness to perform in extreme environments through a large variety of durability tests. It successfully passed IP54(Water & Dust proof), Drop test 1.2m, and operating temperature test. It also achieved EMC/EMI and Type approval.


* The original name for this model is UHD-150, it has been upgraded to a new name UHD510